Make Passive Income With Tower Pizza

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October 6, 2022

Crypto Game Tower Pizza is the newest game in town, combining one of the most popular things on Earth: pizza and cryptocurrency. In this article, we break down how to play the game, how to set up your account, what you need in order to buy pizza with crypto, and more!

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New Crypto Game Tower Pizza

Tower Pizza is a new cryptocurrency-based game that allows players to earn real-world rewards by playing the game.

Start Playing Now

To start playing and investing in the game, you only need to link your Metamask or Trust wallet to the Tower Pizza site Tower Pizza Click Here

I have been playing the game for weeks now and can honestly say that I am making over .5 BNB every single day!

To play Tower Pizza, players will need to purchase in-game credits called ‘Pizza Dollars'. These Pizza Dollars can be used to purchase more pizza chefs in the game.

You can purchase 5,000 Pizza Dollars for .1 BNB or 50,000 Pizza Dollars for 1 BNB.

To purchase your first chef and start earning Passive Income you  only  need .01 BNB (less than $3 USD).

As the game progresses, players can earn more Pizza Dollars by purchasing more pizza chefs. As you see your pizza dollars start to accumulate, you can then trade these pizza dollars in for BNB and transfer them to your wallet immediately.

Tower Pizza Click Here

What it is

The new crypto game Tower Pizza is a game that allows you to earn cryptocurrency by playing an online game. The game is simple: you trade BNB for Pizza Dollars and buy up to 5 Pizza Chefs on each of 8 different levels. The more chefs you have, the more cryptocurrency you earn.

Is it worth playing or investing in?

The new crypto game Tower Pizza has been getting a lot of buzz lately. But is it worth playing or investing in? Let's take a closer look.

Tower Pizza is a new blockchain-based game that allows players to earn cryptocurrency rewards for playing. It has already attracted a lot of attention from the crypto community.

One of the main reasons why Tower Pizza is so popular is because it offers a unique gaming experience that is different from other games on the market. In addition, the game also allows players to earn real-world rewards in the form of cryptocurrency (BNB).

So, should you play or invest in Tower Pizza?

Tower Pizza Click Here

If you're looking for a new and unique gaming experience, then Tower Pizza is definitely worth checking out.

Pros and cons

Tower Pizza is a new game that allows players to earn cryptocurrency by buying Pizza Chefs (5 chefs can be purchased per level and there are eight levels in your tower. The game has already garnered a lot of attention from the crypto community.


There are a few things to like about Tower Pizza.

1.It’s an innovative way to earn cryptocurrency.

2. The team behind the project is experienced and has a good track record.

3. The project has received a lot of positive attention from the crypto community.

4. Rapidly growing community on Telegram.

5. You can purchase any chef on any level of the game at any time with the correct amount of Pizza Dollars.

6. Access and withdraw your accumulated Pizza Dollars by converting them into BNB and Instantly transferring to your wallet.

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I would not call them cons actually but just things to look out for when investing in this type of ROI DEFI project.

1. ROI DEFI Projects are historically High Risk and High Reward projects.

2. You can sell your entire Pizza Tower at any time, you will receive the equivalent of 14 day future earnings ( or about 30% of your initial investment).

3. Your ROI depends on how many levels you have filled up with Chefs. From an ROI on Level 1 with 5 chefs – 72 days to ROI: To Level 8. The image takes us to Level 6 with 5 chefs and gives us an ROI of 44 days. Please see the image below…

Overall, Tower Pizza is an interesting project with potential. However, there are some risks associated with the project as there are with all ROI DEFI Projects.

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Tower Pizza is a new and exciting crypto game that allows you to earn real world rewards by playing the game.

The game is easy to play and provides an opportunity for anyone with a computer or mobile device to earn a passive income.

Tower Pizza is a great way to get started in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and we encourage you to check it out today.

Note From The Author…

I am currently making $244 AUD per day playing this game.

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