Top 10 Online Careers Available To Young People In 2023


Not every student is smart, and some of them need help. With apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, it's getting easier and easier to make live video tutorials. Parents often look for tutors for their kids who they can trust.

If you are smart and have a lot of patience, you could help a young person who is having trouble by tutoring or mentoring them. If you don't want to work for a stranger, ask if anyone you know has a young sister or cousin who needs additional help.

Some reasons why tutoring is good are:

  • You can usually pick your own hours, but they have to work for everyone.
  • Pay can often be changed.
  • If you assist someone in reaching their goals, you can feel good about yourself.

Social Media Manager

This job would be good for someone who uses social media. You can learn the basics of marketing in a lot of free courses. If you also know how to figure out your post schedule from your quarterly insights and your Reel from the things you've pinned, you could be useful to a company that requires assistance with its social media.

If they require a social media manager, some places put up ads, but others don't even know they need one. If you notice that a local business's social media presence is lacking and you know how to generate a lot of engagement and create popular accounts, you should approach them.

Online Customer Service Advisers

You may have to work set hours for this job, which is different from most of the other jobs on this list. Consider becoming a customer service advisor if you have a good Internet connection, can work fixed hours, are patient, and can solve problems well. Most of the time, jobs like this can be found on traditional job boards, but you should still start your search here (try here for the UK and the US).

Etsy Crafter

Etsy lets small and independent sellers sell anything from paintings to hand-made soaps, lip-line scrubs, and macrame decorations. You need to figure out what you need to start. Time and your ideas are the only things that can stop you. First, you need to create an Etsy account and practice selling. Also, don't neglect to advertise.


You must participate in the YouTube Partner Program, which needs a certain number of subscribers, before making money on YouTube (currently 1,000). But if this job goes well, it could make a lot of money. YouTubers who are successful know what kind of audience they want to reach. You'd do better if you found a market niche that did work for you.

These could include makeup instructions, arts and crafts, gaming, sibling pranks, and narration/reaction channels that have proven extremely popular. Individuals who are outgoing, keen on putting themselves out there, and have distinctive appearances can become YouTube stars.

  • Be ready to talk a lot about yourself, especially at the start.
  • The most important thing is to get people to like and join.
  • Make sure your content is always up to date and posts often.
  • You can get others to leave feedback and interact with your videos by asking questions in them. The better your channel will rank, the more remarks, likes, and subscribers you get.


There are a lot of job ads for bloggers online, and there are a lot of bloggers on sites like Facebook. Look for groups where people who have been there before can give you advice on how to get started. This online job would be a great way to work and attend school, particularly if you study writing, literature, travel and tourism, child care, or health and wellness.

These are some of the most-read blogs. A small price is usually charged to host a blog, but if you can get enough people to read your blog through outstanding content and good promotion, it can provide you with a consistent, passive income because of something you enjoy doing.

Survey Taker/Reviewer

As part of their programs to study the market, companies do this. They ask people to give honest answers to several questions. You can join more than one site. Most surveys are based on your age or where you live. Surveys about health, lifestyle, transportation, and shopping, among other things.

Some companies also pay people to write about their products and give reviews. As mentioned above, companies may pay you much more and send you free stuff if you have a popular blog or YouTube channel. It pays differently, and you'll have to conduct many surveys to make a meaningful amount of money, but it's a simple way to earn a little cash with no particular talents or experience required.

Website Tester

As a website tester, you are compensated for inspecting and providing comments on a website, which may be on many platforms, such as mobile and desktop. Testers typically earn around $10 for each site, which isn't a great deal of cash and can take a long time.

It is easy, though, especially if you want to add experience in IT, programming, analytics, or user experience to your resume (UX). When people sign up for a site that lets them test websites, they usually get jobs they can recognize. This means that sometimes there could be a greater number of people who can bid for jobs than there are positions available. This means that you can't always count on getting regular work.

Brand Ambassador/Influencer

If you have many followers on social media, some businesses will pay you to spread the word about them online. These businesses offer their ambassadors free or discounted products and paid chances to talk about their products.

It's the same as paying people to write a review. You can also make money from your audience by providing them with an advertisement or affiliate codes, special URLs that pay you each time they are used, or even by recruiting people to work for the same firm.

For this job, you need to know the basics of marketing, have a good social media presence, and live a lifestyle that fits the brand you are promoting. Most of the time, brands approach you to get this kind of chance, but if you have a social media profile, be bold and seek out brands you would like to promote or those you know have ambassador programs.


We all know that many young people like to play video games. But with the help of the Internet, you could use your love of video games to earn money from home. One way is to look for ads for people who want to test games or ensure they are good.

People who like to talk to other people use YouTube channels the most. You could also join a site such as Twitch, where effective gamers have many ways to make money from their hobbies, like through sponsorships, sales of merchandise, subscriptions, and partnerships with brands.


Young adults and teenagers can be beneficial at work. In the end, they will be the full-time workers of the future. They also grew up in a world of changing social media and technology. This sets them up well to capitalize on chances to work online. Although there are a lot of real jobs you can do online, keep in mind that there are also many scammers and individuals who have ill intentions on the Internet.



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