Scam Free Work From Home Jobs For Mothers

Moms have been looking for a long time for legitimate ways to make money from home without sending their kids to daycare. Even while there are hundreds of thousands of legitimate chances, there are just as many fraudsters waiting to take advantage of folks who don't know what they're doing.

While looking for work-from-home opportunities, it's critical to understand how to recognize a potential scam and what a genuine offer looks like. We'll attempt to assist you with both in this post.

Frauds with reshipping

If you are old enough, you may remember tricks that people used to get people to send them money in the mail. In this system, you normally had to pay a little charge to obtain the mailing list of the people to whom you intended to send a letter. Most of the time, that letter had been trying to get them to pay a small fee so they could send the same letter to more people. This is illegal because it is a pyramid scheme.

Even the simplest scams have become harder to pull off and more dangerous for those who fall for them because of technology. We see a lot of reshipping scams these days. You could be hired as a shipment manager or even wrap gifts in this case. When things come to your door, you change the name on them and send them to wherever they need to go.

For most of the period, these were purchases made without the victim's knowledge using their credit card. When the person who got hurt finds out and tells the police, the cops arrive at your door. And the person who hired you likely chose to give you a counterfeit name and address. No one will ever find them, and you have a lot to tell the police as to what happened.

Scams involving cashing checks

The most popular fake work-from-home job is likely a check cashing scam. A con artist will promise you a fantastic job, usually with the highest compensation and hours you've ever heard of. They will also send you an inspection form to pay for your gear.

Let's say you get a check for $1,500. It would help if you cashed it, purchased your gear, and then sent them the remainder of the funds. After doing all this, your bank tells you a few days later that the first check didn't clear. So now, those who start making $1,500 plus fees will have to pay again for bad checks out of their bank accounts.

You've also been compensated for the equipment by this point. Let's say you must pay another $700 from your checking account. And you sent the scammer $800, which was the “rest” of the check. The bank is now owed $3,000 plus fees. The crook got $800 for doing nothing, and they will not be caught.

Phishing Scams

Another scam we see every day is the simple old phishing scam. Most of the time, the person trying to scam you acts like a real business seeking to interview you. Most of the time, they demand that you communicate with them using a chat service like Facebook Messenger or Google Hangout, where it is impossible to know with whom you are conversing.

During this chat, you will choose to provide a fake job, but you must give your details RIGHT NOW. They may require understanding your bank account number, Social Security number, birthday, etc. Usually, you have to give these things to a company before you can start working there, but this is not how a real company gets them.

If someone attempts to get you to do something you know in your gut is wrong, take a break from the conversation. Contact the business that the scammer might be pretending to be and ask if you are talking to the real company. And don't forget. It probably is if something makes it sound too good to be true.

Scammers frequently target the greatest jobs, such as data entry work, because new job seekers are frequently looking for work-from-home jobs for mums that do not require them to be on the phone and allow them to work when their children are calm enough. They also want you to be too busy and distracted to be as careful.

Real jobs that mothers can do from home

There are a lot of jobs that can be done from home these days. Most likely, the first thing that will get in your way is that you won't know where to look. Here are some well-known and legal online job boards:

  • FlexJobs
  • co
  • Indeed

It would help people look for scams on job boards they can trust. Still, except for FlexJobs, most job boards do not have a detailed screening process before posting a job.

These tips will make it easier for you to work from home.

Once you have a genuine job, you should ensure it is successful. Numerous people are just becoming aware that working from home is harder than working in an office. There are a lot more things for you to do now. Here are several tips that will make working from home easier:

  • Set up several working hours. If your kids are at home all day, this could be after sleep, during nap time, or at regular play dates.
  • Make some rules. People inside and outside your home, like family and friends, should know how to reach you if needed.
  • Reserve a spot to work. Putting things here that others should not touch or move will help. It's a place where you can work without being bothered by others.
  • Have a separate email address and phone number for your work-from-home job. Emails can quickly get out of hand if you put messages from work, family and friends, and online shopping in the same folder. Gmail is free to use. Set one up that you only use for job-related mail, like application forms. You could also give them the number to your home. It might even be required for your job you do online.
  • Just like it can be tough for your family to know when they can't even be bothered at work, you have to train yourself not to think about work when you're with your family. Finding a good equilibrium between your personal and professional life is hard when you work from home. You have to take some time off after working from home.


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