Romantic Relationship With an AI Robot

Romantic Relationships With AI Bots
Romantic Relationships With AI Bots

Artificial Intelligence Relationships or Just Artificial ?

The future of humanity progresses. Now we are seeing many robotics companies working on and improving their designs to make the perfect companion.

And as this technology improves, one can see the development of ‘comfort' robots to help service the needs of us humans.

Robots are being made more human. Now it is only natural to see how their owners may start to become more attached to them.

Could this be a good thing? Who can say?  It also poses a few interesting questions that scientists may find difficult to answer.

The Main Issue

The main issue that people seem to be discussing  is whether or not we should be creating robots at all. And then using programming them to be empathetic. Maybe they might program these comfort bots to be more emotional than their human owners.

However, one of the hardest things to develop in an Artificial Intelligence system is feelings and  emotions.

Would these robotics companies build the AI core of their machines around the specifications of their future owners?

But remember they ARE just machines after all.


It is also a concern to many that these robots could actually , in some way, dehumanize humans. This could be likely as AI robots might only view us as ‘Things' . It will really depends on the programming they receive.

We have to keep in mine, one glaring factor…

They are, Not Human, after all!

Some people who are a little more optimistic have suggested  that robots ,in fact, may be able to provide a satisfying form of attachment for their owners. Perhaps in the same way we get attatched to out pet dogs or cats.

The added bonus ,is, of course, that the robots would never die.

Romantic Relationships With AI Bots

So could we have romantic relationships with ai bots?

If these robotics and AI engineers can design robots to be more empathetic , it could also mean that they may be able to have a sexy relationship with their owners !


Philosophical Question

But there may be several questions that may need to be asked before this type of interaction between humans and robots becomes a possibility.

E.g.  if a robot can be designed to act as a sexual comfort machine, would it be programmed to be able to process the same type of information as we humans do?

This may mean that the robot will have to be programmed with data about their human owners in order to fulfil that desire or fantasy.

 How Will We Know!

So, how can we even know what kinds of relationships will be more desirable without a lot of trial and error? We could start to look at different scenarios between human and robot interaction. Find out how they will interact with each other.  So they can safely navigate the corridors of sex, romance, intimacy, and even friendship.

Even More So About Romantic Relationships With AI Bots

We may be able to see how fast these concepts will be accepted by our societies. How long will it take for this type of relationship to become even socially acceptable. Or unacceptable as the case may be.

We can see that  comfort robots combined with AI seem to be  more acceptable in Asian cultures like Japan and South Korea.

Does this mean that their cultures are more advance than the rest of us? Time will tell

World Wide Concern

Also In other parts of some developing countries, there may be some concern that AI comfort robots may cause some women to live in precarious situations.

i.e. it could be of some concern that by using a robot purely for comfort  may have a detrimental effect on societies attitude toward women.

This could be more prevalent  in some poorer countries, where women are already vulnerable to many different types of exploitation.

This may also have more serious consequences for these woman.Especially when they are young and more vulnerable, there may be flow-on effects we are not aware of yet.

The outcome of any romantic relationships with AI bots remains to be seen in the future development of the Programs.

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