Possibilities Of Getting Money While Reading Books From Home

The best part about the book publishing sector is that it caters to copy editors, designers, work-from-home editors, and voice actors interested in narrating audiobooks. And if you enjoy reading and get excited when you receive free copies of fresh novels for young adults or interesting nonfiction, you may turn your passion for books into some extra cash by writing book reviews. I have some good ideas for reading books while working from home and making money.

You can make extra cash by writing reviews of books.

If you aren't trying to pay all of your expenses by reading books, you might be able to get work as a compensated book reviewer or, at the very least, get a free book in dealings for an online appraisal. Here are some places to get a new book or compensation for reviewing one.

  • For Online Book Club, your first review has to be free, but you'll still get a free book to review. After your first review, most projects pay around $5 and $60. You can see that reviewing books is not a viable means of earning cash for the time it takes. You must usually read and be quick at it. Any money you make while you're having fun should be a bonus.
  • Kirkus hires reviewers who work on their own, and then they give them 2 weeks to write a 350-word evaluation.
  • Booklist lets reviewers write about books that weren't given to them. There aren't many freelance jobs, but a blog post pays $12.50, and a full book review pays $15.
  • The US Overview may indeed pay for reviews, but it's unclear how much on their website. Reviews must include a book summary, be finished in two to three weeks, and follow a style guide.
  • The books that Bethany Home publishes are mostly Christian. They want reviewers with an online presence, like a YouTube channel or a book blog. Although there is no mention of remuneration, you may be able to include your affiliate link in your evaluation on your site or channel.
  • The author will let you write an honest review of any book you want. You won't get paid as a new reviewer, so plan to spend some time on the site. If you become a reliable reviewer with much experience, you might be eligible for compensation to review books. These paid choices pay anywhere from $10 to $50 per review.
  • Moody Publishers is another company that puts out Christian books. You won't get paid for your opinion, but they will give you free books.

If you need to make a livelihood from your side employment, you'll probably be asked to contribute to more than evaluate books. Here are some other ways to increase your earnings that you can still try to read.

Become a narrator

More people working from home have been paid to read audiobooks in the last few years. Because so many books are being read on Audible and other similar services, self-publishers also are putting their works out on many platforms.

To succeed as an audiobook narrator, you need a great voice, the ability to do different voices, and the ability to edit. You can write a note on the printed document or book to help you avoid problems while narrating. Audiobook work also necessitates the proper tools, such as a microphone, a pop filter, excellent headphones, iPad or e-reader, and recording and editing software.

Here, you can learn more about how to listen to audiobooks. Jobs that need proofreading and editing Large and small publishers, webpages, magazines, and companies often hire others to do their proofreading and copy editing work online. Imagine wanting to be a copy editor for a traditional publishing company.

If this is the case, you will almost certainly require a professional editorial work credential, which you can achieve by taking a copy editing course. There are a lot of these types of classes at universities, and many of them can be chosen to take online. If you don't have a certificate right now, don't worry.

You can get a professional proofreader or copy editor job through someone else, like a website or a company. Demonstrate your grammar and spelling skills while applying for a copy editor or proofreader position. The Copyeditor's Handbook: A Guidance for Publishing and Corporate Communications is great. Grab a copy today.


If you're lucky, you might be capable of finding work editing from home. There aren't many jobs available, but sometimes websites or online magazines need assistant editors and even managing editors. A small, independent publisher may hire editors who live far away and work from home. You can watch for jobs as a book editor on Bookjobs.com, Indeed, and the Careers page of the sites you like best.

Or, you could work for yourself as an editor and sell your assistance to authors who want a professional to look over and polish their manuscripts. You will need to work on this for a while. You must set prices, make a website, and gather customer feedback.

Then you'll need to find clients! While working with your base of operations, you may choose to hunt for jobs as a freelance editor through other services. You can find low-paying remote editing jobs on sites like UpWork or better-paying with a Virtual Assistant company (like Time Etc).

Working on the building at the same time has two goals: First of all, it makes money. Second, getting feedback lets you find out how well users do your job. Ensure you don't steal customers from another service or break the terms of your agreement with any chatbot platform.

Layout and design

There are many new ways to work with authors who are getting their books published. Even if they have a fantastic tale, these people may not be concerned with how their book is written or the visual design required to produce a compelling book cover.

You may learn book layout, editorial, or graphic design through free websites like The Book Designer. Great desktop publishing programs like Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Publisher can help layout the book.

Then start telling people that you are a designer or formatter. You can create a website to sell your book layout and design services, use social media to connect to publishers and writers, and hunt for design opportunities in all the normal locations.

Some relatively small publishing companies even hire independent book designers, giving you a good business connection. Or, you can constantly search for self-published authors who are getting their books ready for print-on-demand and ebook stores like Kindle.


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