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This is where i get to Preach what i practice :).

This amazing Artificial Platform has over 80 different AI modules you can use and saves an incredible amount of time .

It is also the most Accurate platform and is miles abouve Chat GPT (authors opinion)

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The Amazing Rise of AI

Over the last few weeks, the lates buzz word on all types of social media has been Artificial Intelligence. The world is afire,it seems, with one new AI program called Chat GPT.

In fact, the program CHAT GPT received over 1 million users in its first week. It has certainly been touted to be the ‘be all and end all' of Artificial Intelligence.

Oils Ain't Oil's

“oils ain't oils” , I remember the sales guy on tv talking about the latest motor oil and how good it was and how better it was over its competition.

AI Programs Are Not All AI Programs

I could,and did, use the same analogy with Artificial Intelligence programs. They are not ALL the “beez kneez”. As good as they are and to achieve the results they will give you, is, in fact, quite amazing.

But as the old saying goes “do not believe everything you read”.

For instance, where Chat GPT comes a little ‘unstuck' is the fact that its base model only gives us results from the year 2021backwords. So it is not giving us the very latest data available. Although, I have made a 47 second video on how you can get it to actually search the web in real time, check it out here…


It is not always accurate in the information it provides us with. So we always need to check the output it gives us. The upside of Chat GPT is of course that it is Free.

So, when looking at Artificial Intelligence programs that can help us in out businesses, we need to look at the differences in the paid AI programs available compare to the Free AI programs available.Then we can indeed find out what ‘oils ain't oils'.

Enter Copymatic

The program that I use more than any other is a program called Copymatic. You can try it for free and then see if you want to upgrade to make full use of the platform.

The reason I chose to invest my hard earned money with Copymatic is becaue it can perform over 80 different specific functions. It will let us produce a massive amount of accurate content for our business in a matter of seconds.

This developers of Copymatic have developed their own specific AI program and it will now deliver (sometimes in seconds) your content that is not only accurate but is written with perfect grammar.

How does it work?

Simply go to the copymatic website

1. Sign up for a free trial or choose one of the paid options. Choose your preferred language,Copymatic supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.

2. Then it is simply a matter of choosing which one of the 80+ different AI functions you need and enter your search criterea.

3. You can then choose to ask Copymatic to expand on the data it has given you or you can edit (if required) and save the output it has provided.

But Wait – There's More…

One more amazing feature of Copymatic is that they also have a WordPrerss plug in. Once this plugin is installed on your site you can then choose to instantly publish any articles that Copymatic has written for you .

You also have the option to send your text to a colleague by sending them a link. They can then read and review your content without even having to have a Copymatic account.

View The Copymatic App Here

What are its features?

There are over 80 , yes EIGHTY , different modules you can use with the Copymatic platfom.


There are many other great features about Copymatic, one of which it can check for plagiarism of the content that it has just generated. So you can be assured your work is free from any copywrite problems.

It has saved me a massive amount of time and money. Start to think about how you can not only save money by using theis app but also how you can make money by using more of its features.

Hope this helps.

View The Copymatic App Here


Rob Hillman here and I live in the Northern Territory in Australia where the Crocodiles, Wild Buffalos and Kangaroos run free!. I am a Certified Internet Webmaster Instructor and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I also have over 40 books published on the Amazon Kindle platform. For more training videos please take a look at our YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/eastrainingguides

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