Learn Artificial INtelligence as a Beginner

Learn Artificial INtelligence as a Beginner

Best Way to Learn Artificial Intelligence

The best way to learn Artificial Intelligence for a beginner is to learn the basic fundamentals at first.

By that, I mean sart with the concept behind Artificial Intelligence and work you way up from there.

After all, the best way to build a house is to start with the foundations.

AI Can Be Complex

Then you can decide what type of AI you want to study. That is, work out what brance or development niche of AI are you interested in the most.

Different branches of Artificial Intelligence can be more complex than others.  It's important  to understand the very basics before studying other more advanced areas of Artificial Intelligence.

Ideas to Start Learning AI

Here are some ideas you could start with:

  • Start with the foundations: Start by learning the basic structure of various AI doctrines. Things such as basic programming lanuages and the fundamentals of language processing.
  • Learn with tools: Once you get a good grasp of the foundations then you may like to play around with some of the AI tools that are available to help programming a lot faster and easier for the developers. Some of the more widely used tools include TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch, but there are many others as you will soon find out.
  • Practice, Practice then Practice some more: You start to get my meaning here, the mind learns to understand and comprehend better when your training is repetative. So you need to pracitice using your AI learning tools as often as you feel comfortable . You can play around with these tools and build your very own AI application, perhaps a new chatbot or an app that requires user input to generate some specific result. Consider this : YOU are unique, no one has ever thought quite like YOU do and so it stans to reason that YOU can look at the world through slightly different eyes and work out what is needed and what is missing in the current AI apps available on the market.
  • Keep up with current developments: The world of AI is a rapidly changing and devoloping one. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of the latesr AI developments. This will not only increase your knowledge of Artificial Intelligence but will also start to give you more ideas that are perhaps ‘outside the box'.

Learning Artificial Intelligence can be very rewarding. It will not take long for you to become an expert in the field.

Consider This

Consider this : It has been found that if a person with absolutely NO knowledge of any given topic, reads 3 to 5 books on the subject, They will already know more than 95% of others about the topic.

Hope This Helps

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