Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe?

In the world of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular. It has become so popular that the Artificial Intelligence program Chat GPT that was (and still is) being developed by the company Open AI, had over 1 Million users sign up in its first week!

AI also has the potential to revolutionize not only the way we work, but also our lives in general.

But what exactly is AI? In this article, we'll explore Artificial Intelligence Chat GPT – a tool that can help you write more efficiently and effectively.

It also has many many uses from writing articiles to writing video scripts and even screenplays.

To find out more about this AI program works and how it can also help you to create great content for your website, blog or other project that requires some kind of written input (in no time at all) , let's delve a little deeper…!

Introduction to Chat GPT

If you've been anywhere near the tech world, you have probably heard of artificial intelligence or AI for short. You may have even heard about chatbots (and even used some form of chatbot), which are computer programs that can do many different things, there are many different types of AI's available on the market today and some that also include mimicing human conversation.

Who Owns Chat GPT

You may have recently been aware of a new type of AI  called Chat GPT, developed by Open AI and heavily financed bt Microsoft (they,Microsoft, now just recently bought a 49% share in the company Open AI for $10 Billion.

The Difference

Chat GPT is slightly different from other types of chatbots because  use a technique called natural language generation (NLG). NLG is a process of generating text and even pictures from different types of data. In other words, Chat GPT is  able to generate human-like responses to questions by understanding the context of the conversation.

Spreadsheets Included!

Chat GPT can also make spredsheets for you and can also tabulate data, you just need to specify what you want and ask it.


This type of AI has many potential applications. For example, Chat GPT  could be used to help customer service representatives answer questions quicker or to generate automated reports from data sets when asked to do so.

 Benefits of  Chat GPT?

Customer Support

Chat GPT could help to reduce the cost of customer support by providing a response to common questions when asked. 


Chat GPT  could also  help improve customer satisfaction by providing quick and accurate answers to their questions even if the questions seem hard. Additionally,

Increase Sales

Chat GPT could also help you to increase sales and conversions by suggesting  up-sells and cross-selling by suggesting other companion  products and services to customers.

Disadvantages of using  Chat GPT?

There are several disadvantages to using Artificial Intelligence Chat GPT.


Even though Chat GPT is quite a sophisticated program, it is not right 100% of the time. It can be wrong, so we always need to check the output that we receive from it.

Knowledge About How To Use It

Even though Chat GPT is an intelligent program, we still need to know how to use it correctly. We need to know what commands to ask of it so that we can more accurately get the desired results.

How to set up and use Chat GPT

To start to use Chat GPT, you will first need to go to the website Open Ai and input your email address to sign up for a free account.

You will then be directed to the Chat GPT program area where you can start to ask it questions.


Artificial Intelligence Chat GPT may be a  powerful tool that can help businesses and individuals alike to streamline their conversations and other workplace applications, but we always need to be mindful that it is still just an AI that has been programmed by humans.

So, it is NOT infallable.



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