Evolution of Man and Artificial Intelligence

What IS The Evolution of Man and Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence may rapidly be becoming a big part of our lives. In the way we are merging our businesses with technology. The way that businesses are now partly managed by AI processes.  What does the rapid advancement of AI mean for us humans? How will the evolution of man and AI come together to shape our furture?

The History of Man and Machine

The history of man building and working with machines is both long and compelling. Consider the very first tools made my our ancestors that were used to make their lives easy. Then over the centuries these tools became even more complex. Thus leading to improvements of machines that could perform tasks once  only dreamed about.

Today, artificial intelligence is a part of all our lives. From self-driving cars to robot vacuum cleaners. AI is more and more being entrenched  into our daily lives.

How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed Over Time

For centuries, people have been trying to develop ways to create machines that can think feel, act and even like humans. Then in the mid-20th century  AI started to became more of an actual scientific reality.

In the beginning, computer scientists thought that you only need to write better code to produce a working AI model.

Time Marches On

One of the major developments in AI is the shift away from rule-based systems and developing better algorithms that can ‘learn'.

Gone are the days where computer scientists hard-code rules into their Artificial Intelligent programs. Even though partly a success, this method has limitations.


Rule-based systems can be very inflexible and also difficult to update.

Also, their success with complex tasks that may require more common sense is not really easy for them to acheive.

Learning Algorithms

Learning algorithms are a great deal more flexible and powerful.

These algorithms are unique in that they learn from data input as opposed to being programmed by humans.

The upside of Learning Algorithms is that it has caused some rapid changes in natural language processess.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Here are three things to consider:

1. AI will most certainly become more widespread

As this technology improves , it is becoming more accessible and much more affordable for businesses of any size.So the number of user of AI programs will rapidly inrease. Also by more and more investments made by AI companies they will be able to further refine their AI programs. Leading to …

2. AI will get smarter faster

The more people that start using Artificial Intelligence programs the more revenue their AI developers will make. Therefore in turn, as the circle continues, the more these developers will invest more in their development.

Also, the more this type of development increase, the more intelligent these AI programs will become.

3. Humans will soon start work alongside AI

As if they arn't already! In effect, many of us are already working alongside these intelligent programs.

It is not so much a question of whether AI will replace humans. It is more a question of how much easier these systems will make life for us.

They will ,in turn, make it possible for humans to focus more on what humans do, THINK.

Imact of The Evolution of Man and Artificial Intelligence

AI will may impact us in several ways.

  1. It might help us to understand ourselves and how our brain functions.
  2. This may ,in turn, lead to faster developments in Artificial Intelligent systems to more closely emulate human emotions.
  3. Like a never ending cycle, the more we leant about how our brain works, then the more we will be able to create even more intelligent machines.


A.I. is certainly helping to revolutionize our lives. We can now do things faster, safer and with less costs than ever before.

But, as with any new born, there will always be a few ‘teething troubles ‘ as we progress.

But in the words of the great actress Mae West…

“You had better fasten your seatbelts because you are in for a bumpy ride!'


Rob Hillman here and I live in the Northern Territory in Australia where the Crocodiles, Wild Buffalos and Kangaroos run free!. I am a Certified Internet Webmaster Instructor and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I also have over 40 books published on the Amazon Kindle platform. For more training videos please take a look at our YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/eastrainingguides

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